ProjectWise-Navisworks Integration

The video below demonstrates how to use the integration module for ProjectWise and Navisworks, first it explains how to open a document from ProjectWise and load it automatically into Navisworks, then, it explains how to append a document, also how to fix the broken links and how to fetch them from ProjectWise, and much more.

After installing the software, Navisworks will get a new tab called DoXenter including mainly the following buttons:

  1. Open
  2. Append
  3. Save
  4. Server Sync
  5. Transfer Model
DoXenter Navisworks toolbar

DoXenter Navisworks toolbar

  1. Open

This command allows to open the ProjectWise documents browser and pick a file, then, fetch it and open it in Navisworks.

ProjectWise-Navisworks select a document

If the file has some external references, the tool will check if these references exist, if not, it will pop a dialog box showing all the broken links allowing the user to locate the physical file from ProjectWise or from local or a network driver.

ProjectWise-Navisworks Broken links

  1. Append

This function allows user to select a document from ProjectWise, fetch it and append it to the Navisworks active document.

  1. Save

This function allows user to save the active document in ProjectWise. This function does not allow to replace a file.

ProejectWise-Navisworks Integration Save document

  1. Sync Server

This function allows user to synchronize the local folder with ProjectWise server, user can choose to Free, check-in, free and leave a copy…. etc.

ProejectWise-Navisworks Integration Sync with server

  1. Transfer Module

This module allows to send the active document and all related references to someone through doxenter.




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